How to clean fresh truffles and with what?

We bring you some tips on how to clean truffles and most importantly with what.

Fresh truffle is truly a refined food and at the same time very expensive, therefore it requires special attention, especially when it comes to cleaning part.

Truffle is an underground fungus, which means that it is completely covered in soil. It is very important to know that this is essentially a good thing, soil protects it – it preserves its aroma, minerality and freshness, it protects it from decay. Do not worry if you buy a truffle that has soil on it, it is in fact a very good thing. Due to its high cost, in most cases, truffles are cleaned before sale to the end customer, but this is not the rule. Of course, you will not pay for the soil, but the layer of it will not increase the weight on the scales, so in fact it only benefits you.

You should be careful with truffles, be careful not to damage its surface because it loses its quality, primarily aroma.

What you need for cleaning truffles are:

  • brushes
  • brushes with medium hard bristles
  • a small rounded knife

White truffle should be lightly brushed with soft brush bristles to remove excess of soil from it and that is enough, it is not necessary to wet it. Dry washing is recommended.

Black truffle due to its rough appearance, which in most cases is pyramidal or warty, is a little harder to clean than white truffle, so wet washing is recommended. You can soak the black truffle in water for few minutes and then wash off the excess of soil with a stiff bristle brush, and of course, you can also use a knife.

We believe that our advices will come in handy.

Be sure to enjoy every bite,

Bon appetit!