How it all began

As keepers of the Istrian tradition, we pass on the secrets about truffle hunting, the forest, dog training, preparing authentic dishes and creating top quality products from one generation on to another.

The story of our family heritage starts in 1932.

This is when our great-grandfather Pietro Černeka bought his first sniffer dog Reno. Over time, Reno became an exquisite truffle hunter.

Since then, for six generations already, we have been cultivating our love for truffles.

Even today, mother Anita and daughter Danijela, followed by sniffer dogs Biba and Mojca, go into the mysterious Motovun woods at dawn or eve, looking for hidden treasures. By passing their knowledge on to younger members of the family, they create new generations of truffle tradition keepers.

Natura tartufi today

Respecting the principles of tradition, harmony with nature and high level of quality control, we are proud of our family processing and production of truffles in Mala Huba next to Buzet, near Motovun woods – our truffle hunting location.
We pride ourselves in around forty original products ready for tasting, consuming and delivery to your table.

Each product is made with the best, carefully selected ingredients and comes as a result of rich tradition, great effort, responsibility and love. Besides numerous restaurants across Croatia and Europe, you can find Pietro&Pietro products at selected marketplaces and in various delicacy shops.

The search for treasures is connected to adventure and mystery


Dating back to the ancient times before the time of the rule of the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu, truffles are a well-known food delicacy. Philoxenus from the island of Lefkada in Greece even wrote a poem about truffles. Marcus Aurelius and Commodus used them as medicine in ancient Rome. In the 14th century, at Charles VI and Isabeau of Bavaria’s wedding ceremony, they were known as black diamonds and they were also enjoyed by the Avignon Popes and Catherine de’ Medici in Florence.

The Italian Alba and the French Perigord are the world’s best-known truffle hunting and processing regions. As a truffle region, Istria still remains unexplored and mysterious, but well known to world-renowned truffle experts.
Istrian truffles are special because of their exceptional smell and taste. Our products are made exclusively of precious white and black truffles.