White truffle (whole)

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Fresh white truffle is only available in the autumn.
By using a specially developed sterilization process, we have managed to make the whole white truffle available all year round.
Salt and water will preserve most of its flavour at a time when it is not available in fresh form.
The whole white truffle preserved in this way is used in numerous restaurants throughout the world all year long and not in the period from September to December, when it can be “hunted” in nature.
Its use in a restaurant or in a kitchen will give every dish on your plate a touch of irresistibility and uniqueness that will make every dish an explosion of aroma and taste.
It is best to shave it whole directly on a guest’s plate by using an exclusive truffle shaver or even better – shave it on your own plate.



INGREDIENTS: white truffle (Tuber Borchii, Vitt.), water, flavouring. Once opened, keep the product in the fridge and consume it within 10 days. No preservatives, no artificial colouring. Nutritional value per 100g of product: energy 52kJ/13kcal; fat 0g, saturated fat 0g; carbohydrates 0.8g, sugar 0g; fibre 3.1g; protein 0.8g and sodium 0.1g.

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13/25g, 25/90g, 50/130g

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